Damn burst fire

I just took out my NPC companion after bursting a hulk point blank with a SCAR-H. Killed a hulk at 9 o’clock, then the remainder of the burst tried to hit a fat zombie at about 12 o’clock. But my NPC was in the way in that direction, and she sponged the bullets. Obv I would’ve never fired at the fat zombie.

With that in mind, and as comical as this may sound coming from me now, I think the burst fire should be reworked to something more sensible.

First of all, I don’t understand why sometimes my character fires the entire burst, picking additional targets after the intended target goes down, but most of the time the burst is cut short precisely as soon as the target monster dies. I would suggest that the entire burst is always fired in full amount, and any excess rounds are sent downrange past the intended target, hitting whatever is in a ~30 degree sector, up to 30 tiles away, gun range permitting. Either that, or the remainding bullets simply vanish, and they hit nothing, and we assume they hit the monster that was just downed. And we’ll prevent the automatic target switching as that is obviously dangerous, or we limit the excess bullet hits to the monsters in the 30-degree cone.


I agree. I should be able to mow down a room of zombies, but I shouldn’t be able to shoot three triffids approaching from different directions.

maybe you catch “trigger happy” perk as part of mutation? you regularely empty you magasine? or this happens with you randomly?

Nope. No Trigger Happy trait. I’ve only tried it once long time ago.