Is there a way to watch your car's rpm and gear?

So you could drive with low rpm to save fuel.

Well, if you do 12 or better in driving skill, your car puffs rainbow instead of smoke, so maybe it’ll help.

You know, the faster the crankshaft is rolling, the more explosions it needs and more explosions need more fuel. So if you are low on fuel, you could put the car in the highest gear and go with idle rpm, using only a little fuel to get to the next gas station.

Except none of that is currently simulated by the game. As best as I can tell (though I’ve only looked at the code a little bit), you burn the same amount of fuel regardless of speed as long as you are traveling under the “safe” speed when you examine the car. Thus your best bet would be to travel at the highest speed without the number turning yellow to travel the maximum distance before running out.

I see, thanks. I hope it will be more detailed in the future, like be able to roll in neutral, go with flat tires, etc.

All cars in cataclysm are fuel injected so you are either accelerating or in neutral and coasting, I don’t know if tire pressure is going to be introduced soon, could also do tread depths as well and grip types so better tires for off-road and wet/dry weather.