Is there a way to disable the NPC

The US is much more “suitable” for sect compounds than the nordic countries. The government tends to get in the way in all sorts of ways, such as demanding taxes, requiring kids to be sent to school, building restrictions, weapon restrictions, regulated hunting only (not that poaching isn’t common in certain parts of the region), etc.

Also, it seems those into this seek out Iceland, as that’s the country that has retained most of the Norse language, being extremely conservative (not in the political sense) when it comes to changes to the language, demanding, for instance, that new/imported phenomena should be renamed/translated (television ->fernsyn (far view) in Norwegian, using the same principle, as I cannot mention any Icelandic examples with certainty).

I would expect a sect compound to largely contain sect members drawn from a large area to whatever place the leader selects, not the local community, so the size of the nearby settlements isn’t relevant. Sure, some local may be recruited, but that wouldn’t be the base, most of the time.

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Hey there. I actually feel the same way about the NPC’s and posted this same question on the BN subreddit like two days ago but figured it out pretty quickly.

Modding their locations out of the game is easy. It’s a matter of setting some numbers to 0. None of them are necessary except the robot faction for bionics, but it’s not that hard to mod bionics back into science lab spawn pools. Or just come try BN :slight_smile:

Anyway, it goes like this:

go to Root>json>overmap>overmap_special> open specials.json

Find the mapgens you don’t want and set both occurrence values for spawns with these ID’s to zero:

examples: ranch_camp, hub_01, evac_center, Isherwood Farms

DDA has different overmaps than BN of course so you’ll have to go through the overmap folder and find everything else you’ll want to remove. Like I know there is also the couple who trade ammo and armor etc. But there are lots of other overmap gens in this file if you wanted to block the crashed airliner, mi-go camps etc from being generated too. Just gotta find them.

And apparently there are vikings now. LMAO. Not sure about it being some kind of racist dogwhistle but it sure is silly. EDIT: Their ID is valhalla_cult

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Thanks mate, thats greatly appreciated. This will really help with my next run with the ‘No hope’ or ‘rural’ mods

As for the vikings, I wouldn’t stress too much. The main thing here is that they can provide some good melee weapons of Viking design. That would be fun to have.

ah so it is true. still havent encountered them due to rng. But ngl I thought the same thing, why are vikings in a modern+ era, new england setting…

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Yeah, it does sound more than a bit dogwhistley to include norse pagans as a faction in the US. The continued appropriation of Norse Paganism by neonazis is well known and inclusion of them as a faction is not great.


From what Ive heard, they seem to be some kind of norse historical reenactors which also doesnt make sense. I’m going to check the changelog to get more details because I still havent encountered them. But still weird and out of place either way.