Is there a way to deactivate map memory?

I’d like to know if there is any way to turn it off on Android, it kinda kill my FPS.

Plus I think the game was a little more challenging without it.

Not sure you can. You can give yourself the bad memory trait to heavily reduce it though.

By default you can remove the effect by pressing the { key. Don’t think it will free up any memory, but it will make the game challenging for you again.

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Try debug kill monsters that is what usually kills my game speed because I’m pretty sure there are monsters under ground and above you that slow the game down.

That often happens on Necropolis

Those sick so much they have no real benefit and are packed with hostile mobs.

You can turn off z-levels, that’ll free up a lot of memory since it only simulates the level you are on, if you haven’t done that already. That gives a marked improvement even on my desktop.

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I do that but my game still simulates areas near me up and down.

Maybe you grab every item you see ? (While using Debug carrying capacity). It really slow the game down on Android, if you have 300+ items in your inventory.