Is there a use to those 'faulty burnt out bionics?'

I have no clue what if you can use them for anything or not, so I want to know if it’d be a good idea to keep them for later.

The guy in the PrepNet orchard has a quest for five of them, and they can be used to craft new CBMs if you use Aftershock.


I have not heard of that ‘PrepNet Orchard.’ How would I go about finding that? Just search random orchards?

It’ll show up on the map as its own tile. You’ll know if you find one.

Okay, good to know. Thanks

Otherwise, AFAIK, they’re pretty much useless in mainline CDDA (and in a few updates you probably won’t see them anymore). I could be wrong, I mostly play pre-Nested, so if anyone else can confirm that’d be awesome.