Is melee weapon training good?

I was thinking about picking this up but I’m not sure if it would be worth while, thoughts?

Yes and no. Its good in the sense that it can give you a serious early game advantage, but not so good because it costs 3 trait points and the martial arts it gives you can be found ingame. If you’re new to the game I’d recommend taking it and using Eskrima. If you can reliably make it to the late game then I would skip it.

By the way what is the point of having silent melee attacks if melee is already silent (for ninjutsu)?

It’s not. Whacking a zombie produces 3 or so sound.

Critical hits for ninjutsu is alright, but Silat and eskrima are better choices. Medieval swordsmanship is great if you manage to find a corresponding sword, otherwise it’s just a really big if and is better put else where.

While on the topic of weapons, how do you make use out of techniques? Is it automatic, or do I activate them somehow?

Automatic, just have the right weapon and you are good.

Thanks for your help.

Just so it’s completely certain, he means make sure you have the right weapon AND have the martial art skill you want to use selected by pressing the “_” button. (I think it’s that.)

Just because you hold an arming sword doesn’t mean it instantly switches to medieval swordsmanship for example, you’ve still got to select the martial art you want to use. As for the abilities in the martial arts, yeah that’s automatic.

As for if melee weapon training is good, I’d say; Don’t bother wasting skill points in to it, as it’s easy enough to train. I’m not saying it’s not a good skill, because it’s bloody brilliant, just go bash a few zombie brains instead, it’ll level up quickly enough.

If I take it I am partial to Silat. It works with spears and a starting survivor needs all the help they can get.

Silat and Eskrima and the best martial arts in the game (I’m partial to Eskrima because knocking back zombies annoys me more than the melee benefit is worth), generally speaking (and they both have long lists of common weapons). Next would be Niten and medival swordsmanship (IF you can find weapons for them!).

Ninjutsu is pretty nifty in the right circumstances, and it does have the benefit of being useful with the vast majority of weapons. If you have quiet step and lower scent, then it can be AMAZING at night… well, it was, back before they gave shady zombies nightvision…

From my experience in having my survivor use it, Silat has more defensive benefits while Eskrima is a lot more offense… though, I suppose it’s mainly the puno strikes which can deal damage as good as Niten’s strongest attacks. 'course, the passive bashing damage increase is also handy.

Not sure if it’s a bug, but the passive bashing bonus of Eskrima seems to work with non-compatible weapons as well.

Especially early the bonus to dodge can be great with Silat.