Is it possible to run Cataclysm in fullscreen on a specific display?

I want to open Cataclysm on my smaller monitor but it will only open on the main one.

What do?

Can I do something in shortcut pathing that’ll put it on my second display?

This is just not a feature that exists. If it’s not implemented by the game, it will not work. The current code will always use the same monitor or display.

It should not be too hard to implement. Let me see if I can do that for you.

if you are using linux, you should be able to configure your WM with regards to window placement (eg. place them on the monitor with the mouse), or you could write a small script that moves the active window to the other display, then bind it to a hotkey.
For windows, i have no idea.

The ability to select which video display is used to show the game should eventually make it in one of the next experimental releases with this pull request:

This should now be part of the latest experimental version.