Is it possible to "cure" Teleglow?

Recently I’ve found a pretty cool artifact that rains fire down on my foes and recharges by dealing trivial damage to me. This would be the perfect weapon to purge the world of all the triffids that have been annoying me if not for one problem: every time I activate the Warm Tube (that is the name of my artifact) I get infected with Teleglow. I don’t really want to die to Fungal Stalks bursting out of my arms or any of the other nasty things that Teleglow can do, so I was wondering is there anyway to “cure” Teleglow without waiting for it to transform into a fungal infection?

Teleglow can have different intensities, and differing effects based on intensity. Each time an effect occurs, it reduces the intensity, or in some cases completely removes it. It also goes down slowly over time. There is no way to remove it directly, but you can deal with the effects it has and not use it much to reduce the chances of the worse issues.

You could also get the blood analysis and blood filter CBMs, which I’m fairly sure can fix fungal infections.

Just make/find anti-fungal drugs. That seems to be the most dangerous side-effect, since it is almost always fatal if not cured.