Is it possible to create a horde that can chase the player to adjacent overmaps?

Hello! I’m working on a mod/feature where a player with the trait “hunted” is pursued relentlessly by a special “nemesis” horde that follows the player’s exact location using the existing horde movement mechanics. Is this even possible with the coordinate system as implemented? I have a suspicion there is no coordinate system global enough to make this work at scale.

I also see a “// TODO: Handle moving to adjacent overmaps.” in the move_hordes() overmap function which, uh, gives me pause

I got it working in a narrow set of circumstances by hacking the sound signaling mechanics into what is essentially an extremely loud dog whistle or a specific kind of horde, but now I’m trying to improve it and grok the coordinate system on the whole, and I’m afraid I’m that the player will be able to pass some sort of boundary that it would be impossible for a horde to cleanly aggro across. Right now, I’ve run into the issue that if the horde spawns too far from the player, they are perma aggro’d to random space closer to them instead, i think because the player and horde are in different coordinate maps?

Trying to figure this out before I sink too much more time into this implementation bc I do have an alternate idea where I fake it by tracking the player’s distance covered day to day and spawn the nemesis if that number drops too low.

You can add anything, but you need to code it by yourself. It is not something that is in the game yet.

I understand that, I’m just worried my in-progress implementation is going to hit a brick wall because there is not an established coordinate system that can bridge overmaps, which is beyond my abilities to create.

Just trying to canvas for advice before sinking additional time into a project that could be a dead end!

There is a fresh new doc which can probably address your concerns -