Is it possible to create a city in cataclysm?

I would very much like to know if there is any way to create a city.

or even make walls is to put around one.

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I mean, in theory, if you were willing to put the time in.

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Do you have a year and a half to spare?


In theory you can, but currently there is no real reason to do that, but there are few cases where construction is important:

  • vehicle construction (most characters who survive early game modify existing vehicle or build a custom one)
  • base construction/reinforcement (if you are playing with wander zombies on)
  • faction camps (mostly just a prototype for now, but with time faction camps will surely get more useful/advanced)

I create cities all the time, when I generate a new map.

But to be serious, the above is very vague. What do you mean when you say create a city. If you mean build up an empty section of fields into yer own handmade city, absolutely, and it will take exactly as long as you would expect it to take one man to make a whole city.

Or perhaps do you mean create a living area full of NPC’s? If that’s the Case, Faction Camps sounds like the thing you are closest to wanting.

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If you had a great deal of time and determination you could use the overmap editor to replicate a real-world city, more or less. You have to do your edits in a region that hasn’t been visited yet, but nothing’s stopping someone from doing so.

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