Is it just me?

I think about it pretty often, since the lack of an endgame still bugs me.

I’d love to see a feature for highlighting hostile creature tiles with a red tint, I edit the Mshock Tileset so that all creatures have a 66% red transparency background which is a pretty good stopgap solution, but it’d be nice to have it a bit more refined.

Here, have a preview of how it looks, and also a preview of an enhanced military outpost that you can find on my custom map :slight_smile:

Oh that is just plain sexy. o3o

I’m not sure about highlighting enemies, but could be interesting.

If you want a tough endgame, wait a few days til my custom map is released and you’ll have an insanely hard finale to chew through - I’m talking a gigantic sprawling secret military extra-planar dimension experimental facility. Being a top-secret facility, it is brisling with a terrifying array of automated defenses. The surface has been overrun by nether horrors, and the (extremely deep and sprawling) facility itself is now home to a legion of otherworldly forces. Amigara Horrors lead huge packs of soldiers driven beyond insanity, all manner of nether creatures swarm among them, and at the heart of the facility, at the dimensional portal, awaits Death.

Who leads them if I have joke monsters turned off?


I could replace them with tankbots and mininuke hacks if you’d like :V It’s meant to be played with the character presets provided, since the difficulty is oh, just a tad higher than normal :wink:

That red transparency background is brilliant!

There you go :slight_smile: Goes in the Mshock32Modded folder.

Huge thanks to the devs for implementing the smoother tile scaling, it’s made playing the game with tiles zoomed out much easier, I play 95% of the time at that zoom level now.

Interesting, though one could simply replace the shadow definition with that red effect.

Thing is, I wish there was support for only using the effect if the monster was outright hostile. This would allow neutral-by-default things (like moose) to be highlighted when The Moosening officially starts.

Regarding planes. I have no idea why we don’t have a system of height in the graphical version already. I don’t mind everything being flat. But even UnReal World has height of landscape. Where you can go prone behind a hillside and step up onto or downward to a platform.

Perhaps the answer is because this game started out as a flat roguelike =(

But I still say climbing a mountain or hiking etc would be pretty amazing…that and skirting a herd by going around some hills(up or down). =)

I think about railway infrastructure and trainwrecks in Cataclysm like once a day.

What I want to see implemented:
Dual wielding. Weapons and tools. example A to apply right hand and B for left hand, attacking would be random depending on skills, stats, martial art.
Grab for entities. Could open up animal husbandry among other crazier things.
Vehicle Output CBM Energy Transformer. To charge your cbm energy from your vehicle’s energy storage. Maybe you would need to install a cbm that allows this.