Is Chunk Loading Possible?

What the title says. CDDA works on a “reality bubble” system where anything outside of your bubble does not have time pass until you get there. This makes Wander Spawns trash, because any time you’re away from your base, zeds have a noticeable chance to just spawn in there. Why not allow a player to mark a zone to be loaded at all times as if the player were near? Tie it into the zones system that is already in place? Obviously this could lead to lag, but a disclaimer about not abusing the feature would turn most people off of that, and nothing much would really be happening in these zones to make lag if you’re not there anyway.

There has been discussion about momentarily loading a small zone of the map outside the reality bubble to resolve things like explosions, but keeping them loaded is not going to meaningfully work, especially since there might be a bunch of appliances, items, and NPCs in the player base that tanks performance. There are plans on making wandering spawns better, but just adding reality bubbles is not a simple answer that will work well.

I have proposals for a wandering horde system that will address all of these issues.

The current system isn’t any part of that solution, with chunk pinning or not, the current system will not work, so it just needs to be replaced.