Interesting bug with the pixel minimap

I quickly want to say that this bug does not affect gameplay at all, it just looks funny.
I am running Cataclysm version cf919fc (I just noticed if spelled backwards still spells cf919fc, lol) on Ubuntu version 17.04 using an Intel Core2 Duo E8400 (3GHz) processor with integrated Intel Q35 graphics.

I first encountered this odd visual glitch with the pixel minimap when I was starting my raid on the necropolis:

It then happened again when chopping trunks (much further into my game):

And then again while deconstructing a vehicle (I documented it a few times just for assurity):

it seems to mainly happen when an action I am performing is interrupted by a hostile creature, although there is probably more to it as my actions are frequently interrupted without this side effect. I claim it to be the pixel minimap because it tends to disappear and I assume that those bands are the minimap itself.

I have never encountered this when on Windows.

Again, as far as I know this does not affect gameplay so I don’t really mind it being there. I just wanted to point it out in the event it actually has some inplications.

Edit: I have been having some rendering issues with Ubuntu 17.04 including a loss of response when exiting the fullscreen of anything, so this may just be an isolated issue.
Edit: Edit: Also, I built the game from source, so that may or may not have something to do with it.

At least it’s pretty.

If you turn the mini-map off, will the lines go away?

The lines only appear when prompted to select an option and then disappear once I select one.

The first picture actually was when I pressed “X” to look around, but everything returns to normal once I start to move my selection.

Have you tried a different tileset?