Integrate the shared 'multiplayer' worlds

The idea of shared worlds where we find eachothers corpses is incredible awesome and immersive. It would be great to have this feature intergrated into the main client menu as an alternative, much harder start.

There would presumably be no need to be synced during play, just to send finished worlds containing your corpse to a location for other players to upload when they start a new multiplayer game.

and what would you do with my 111 MB map ? :stuck_out_tongue:

I got 99 problems, but my download speed ain’t one.

I suppose there is the question of bandwidth to consider!

with all the testing going on in my world it would be hideously disorienting to someone who didn’t know what happened.

paths cut through forests for miles only to find smoldering wrecks and forest fires.

towns ripped apart like someone drove semi trucks through all the buildings in straight lines.

weird graffiti patterns in the dirt crisscrossing across fields for miles ending in wrecks.

I approve!

have any succession games started up on DDA vis-a-vis the ever amazing dwarf fortress?