Installing storage batterys make them draining?

Hi there!

I came across one thing. Everytime i try to install a storage battery in my car, they turn from normal to draining.
Tryed it quite a few times, but the result is the same. Draining battery…
Im on build 2022-02-26-1302

Can someone confim this is working as intented or do i miss something?

If this isn’t a bug introduced recently, I can only think of Two potential Scenarios:

  1. Your vehicle has some sort of device turned on (a light, radio, battery charger/recharging station that’s charging batteries on its tile, a fridge/freezer, headlights, cameras…);

  2. The battery you’re installing is not fully repaired (usually if you remove a | . from one vehicle and install it again, it will show up as “draining”, same is true for fuel tanks).

The above are true if your engine is not running.
There is a possibility that you may be doing that with your vehicle engine running. If that is the case and the battery is “fully repaired” / good condition, that means your alternators are not working (either damaged or not installed at all).

Also a potential scenario: your vehicle’s engine is powerful enough that any energy “charge” you may have is offset by the Engine’s power consumption. Screenshots would probably be more helpful.

I have a recharing station installed.
The normal car batterys i installed are not draining.
I removed the storage battery from another car, from the swap storage case into my cars swap storage space.

Yeah the issue is as I described above
The Swappable Storage battery is |.
Maybe when it was in the vehicle you took it out of, it wasn’t draining, but usually when you reinstall a battery in that condition, the game assumes it is, just like the fuel tanks. :slight_smile:

Sadly, storage batteries (40k variant) are not repairable, so you will have to remove it and discard it entirely, as it will never charge in that vehicle otherwise.

Good news is, it’s very easy to find more of those, and there’s always a chance you can find a specific vehicle that has an 80k version of it :slight_smile:


There’s also one more tip: upgrade your storage battery to a large storage battery.

A large storage battery can be created with two storage batteries, plus some other scraps. When it’s created, the item is at brand new condition, even if the two old batteries you used were one more speed-bump away from being broken.

Since most electric vehicles have two batteries inside, this is a valid strategy to use from your very first try. If one is total trash, extract it for parts and use them to repair the second.