Influence of season and temperature on monsters and wildlife

I have an idea about the change of stats of monsters and animals due to the influence of a given season. Zombies in The Walking Dead are less “active” during winter due to a low temperature. They are slower, less agressive, herds are easier to avoid etc. Moreover, animals like wolves in Cata should be more agressive during winter because of the fact that there is less animals in forests and fields so they may starve to death. So basically cities would be much more safe in winter while forest would be much more dangerous in winter. Ants (during winter) should focus on protecting the queen, as in real life, so kiling the queen will be harder. Triffid’s spawn rate should be influenced by seasons and temperature. Zombie hords should be able to stop moving during winter even if they hear a loud noise. It is only a general idea but I think that it may add a “fresh air” into gameplay

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I like this idea. In winter you’d be more involved in survival in form of protection from elements, scarcity of food etc. and less in form of zombie fighting. I believe there is some at least rudimentary infrastructure to code it.

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Scarcity of food is not happening in the current meta.
You can literally just go to a swamp and feast on cattails, or kill a single wolf and eat for, like, 4 days.
And that’s with 0.01 item spawn rate in the cities.

Following the logic. Winter would literally freeze all zombies making them entirely inert. Liquid freezes. Zombies are mostly liquid. The same defrost through such seasons would have the same effect with regard to the undead.

Animals would be mostly the same. Except there would be an increase in dangerous animal activity, not less. Wolves having to hunt more aggressively. Adding more mutants would be nice to liven up the winter months. Balancing out the ranks when zombies are inert.

Stalker creatures are still living. Those would be nice. Imagine instead of zombie hulks. We have Mutant Giants! OH NOES!! Not sure about how the radious tremor attack would work. But a 2 tile tremor attack would be neat and make melee against that beast a real threat.

We also have other planar creatures that come through the portal/tear/breaches. Bees and ants should be even more aggressive. I would be pissed if I had to scoot around naked in winter lol

Dinos too!

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Seasonal reality tears that show up in winter, because “the stars have come right” to make up for frozen zombies, otherwise come winter I’d make a point to go visit every big city nearby and take a sledgehammer to every corpsicle in sight with impunity.

You think of Romero zombies, but these are different. I checked and there is explicit flag on zombies that says they are warm, even if they don’t breathe. So no solid freeze during winter for them.

Logic failure then. They can “smell” you. They breathe. Which would imply virus and the undead are not actually dead but brain damaged or Walking Dead type.

Either way they are is moot. They have flesh. They will become popsicles irregardless of how they become a zombie.

As nameless suggests. There is an easy fix. My ideas + add more critters and nobody will see the end of zombie hordes no matter how many they kill. In america alone there about 350 million people. You could kill 1000 zombies a day and still never see the end of them. So if my freeze idea were implemented. Other mobs would fill the gap and only for a few months. The zombies maybe easy pickens outdoors. But could be fudged to stay slow but active indoors.

The point is not ‘moot’. He provided direct opposition to what you were saying and you dismissed it because you didn’t like it.

The zombies are warmblooded therefore they would not freeze. Just like, you know, you don’t freeze solid any time the temperature drops below freezing.

As for the initially proposed changes about animals – I think it’s a great idea to make naturally occurring creatures change with the seasons. If we were able to make animals scarcer in the winter, that would be an easy start. Implementing AI changes based on seasons is a bigger deal, but it would be interesting. I think things like wolves are already too aggressive – making them more passive when food is plentiful would be neat. Making them more aggressive in the winter months when prey is scarce, I think, would be cool.

Still moot because your flesh will freeze in 10 degree weather dead or undead or anything else. How do you think people die of hypothermia lol

A difference in opinion is a fine thing indeed. But I really do find it annoying so many people jump on almost everything I say in this forum.

Indeed. I’ve never experienced such a thing, personally. I’ve heard that whenever many people give you grief, it’s generally their fault. Surely it has nothing to do with you.

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Convince me I am wrong and go stand outside(standing relatively still) in 10 degree weather in a t-shirt and jeans mate. You will be dead in a short while.

I don’t normally get people riled up. People love “their” game a lot and get pissy when I offer ideas that will change “their” game.

The zombies are infested with an alien life form that can reanimate a corpse dozens of times and mutate it into a perpetual bonfire, a thing that spits acid or emits smoke, a giant mound of muscle that can rip through walls with its bare hands, a creature with bone armor so thick it can stop rifle rounds, or one that shoots lightning, but what it can’t do is stop it from freezing over when it gets a bit chilly out? It wouldn’t be much of a cataclysm if humans could have evacuated, waited for the first freeze, and just drove a few bulldozers down the street to mop up the whole apocalypse.

I like the way you think on this matter.

Pistols at dawn or rapiers? :wink:

Or a little friendly tennis? How about this one. Inferring the type of clothing all went poorly around a warm season. The masses had a virus spread quickly through the population and as a result most human were not immune to the plague(of whichever kind of death). Death was quick and most couldn’t keep up with the sheer volume of health problems that arose.

Being chilly? Freezing temps are easily capable of making a flesh form immobile. But how about we have a breed immune to cold and makes ice shards or something as an attack?

There is no virus. You didn’t do your homework to learn the lore. You try to invent things out of your mind here that have nothing to do with existing lore. If you want to invent some valid justification for some ideas start from the existing lore and build on it. Don’t take me wrong but rewriting lore from scratch is wishful thinking that leads to nowhere. Your point about even warm creatures being at risk of freezing is valid for earthlings, but there are some creatures on Earth that can even freeze and live. That said do foxes, deer, bears, even snakes freeze at winter? No. Why would a warm ‘blooded’ zombie freeze then? It just needs to produce enough internal heat and have some insulation. Most wear their clothes still. Their internal physiology changed drastically. It means that the option that they don’t freeze is also valid. As for breathing it is not required to smell. Breathing means inhaling to live, to use oxygen, carbon dioxide, to do some internal chemical process. Could zombie inhale air just to sniff around? Yes. Is that breathing? No. Simple as that.

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So Insects don’t breath, they have no lungs, and yet the can smell through chemo receptor insides their antennae.

The fact that zombies are warm blooded is hard to understand because it seems that they don’t eat so its hard to understand how they produce heat. Yet it’s possible that the blob has some basic photosynthesis and/or is able to slowy digest part of the zombie …
Also it s possible that zombie(blobs) becomes quiescent during winter : they stop behaving, only use their metabolism to stay alive and produce some chemicals (glycogen for example) to keep their cells from freezing.
Their is tons of existing strategies to survive winter without freezing both for warm and cold blooded beings. It is also possible to partially freeze and yet survive winter, i’m pretty surethat some toad freeze during winter without dying

I’m pretty sure that’s not the problem.

Feel free to PM me your thoughts. I am not the topic in this thread. Cheers mate.