In the words of Grimith, TANK SUIT!

Homebrew exoskeletons, industrial lifting gear! And of course, the TANK SUIT.
Basically single tile vehicles with interesting features.

Rig up your claw-machine with a diesel engine and get to work. Slice and dice!
Clamps? THE CLAMPS! Lift or push heavy stuff. You are man. Man lazy. Man make machine work for man.
The military’s bound to be in on this too somehow, don’t you think?

Actually started a github issue about this just a few days ago

Cool beans.

Grimith is no longer to be trusted. He now lacks a beard. And it looks like he isnt going to have time to upload another lcs series till about 2020 at this rate.

I thought grim grams was playing CATA.

Who’s Grimth?

Cantankerous youtube lets player.

Holy ship.

I need a goddamn mech suit.


Ohmagod yo do not know who grimith is?!

[size=36pt]RAGE MODE ARAGHHHH[/size]

jk he’s a great lets player look him up on the Internet

Customizable power armour that acts as a vehicle?
Seems like something I’d actually use unlike it’s smaller brother.

Grimith is kind of a dick

During his “Birthday of Bacon” Q & A, he was asked when he would play LCS again. He confirmed that he would make another series in March to celebrate his channel’s anniversary. #thehype