In-Character CDDA Playthrough Diary + Mythic GME Driven Plot

I hope this is acceptable content for me to post in here. If not, I apologize.

I really like Kruggsmash’s work, but I’m not a graphic artist. In a previous life, however, I was a part-time hack writer. So this is my attempt to do something “Kruggsmashy” with CDDA, albeit with prose rather than drawings.

CDDA handles the violence and gore and the crunchy bits.
The Mythic Game Master Emulator helps to procedurally drive the plot.
The CDDA cheat menu helps to bring the two together when needed (spawning NPCs and such).
More info on that on the “About” page and at the bottom of the first post.

If this turns into something rather than fizzling out, maybe it would be fun to hire a voice actor and turn it into a podcasty drama thing at some point.

Warning: NSFW.