Immortal burnt plastic bottles

Unsure if this is some sort of bug, but I have a burnt plastic bottle on top of a brazier that never turns to ash. I light it up with a lighter, cook some things, and when it goes out I light it up again. It’s been at least ten days, through sunny and rainy days, and the bottle never gets destroyed.

I had some sandwitches witch did not seem to burn ever. I think I threw couple more 2x4 to get longer lasting fire and they were gone after that. I guess you might be having small fire which is not enough to completely destroy the bottle.

Last I checked, logs were neither flammable nor burnable. Which makes fuck all kind of sense.

Have you ever tried starting a fire by holding a lighter against a smoldered log?

They will fuel the fire once it gets big enough (raging fire), but they don’t help much with tiny fires.