I was wondering if we could get some Cata "Quick Starts" going

Basically, just like 6 or 7 template characters that are good at specific things, or made with a general purpose to help new players ease into it. I always feel like Character Creation is the hardest part for a new player, especially when, at default, it seems they have very few points to spend.

Not significantly opposed; some of the professions are kinda designed to jumpstart various aspects of the game, but I imagine folks would love to contribute templates.

Yes, this would be nice.

It might also make sense to have difficulty levels that change how many starting points you get. Or even have starting points be unlimited and then the game gives you a difficulty level based on how many points you used.

Having an “advisory” difficulty level where the game just gives feedback on how hard the game is going to be rather than limiting points is the way I’d prefer to go, just hasn’t gotten implemented yet.