I _think_ i spot a zombie over there

Um… knife spear ain’t gonna help you.

No scientist zombie? For shame.

I only need my trusty ol’ fists…

… and a jetpack

I have no idea how you got to that point, but bravo!

your dodge skill must be insanely high!

Even 64, 255, etc dodge skill won’t help in that situation. With just Fists, you only get to dodge one attack per turn, last I knew.

Now if the @ was using Zhi Quan, then yeah, load up on dodge.

This is what I like to call a “bad day”.

lol 2cat

I feel sorry for the 5 zombies and dog in that car, probably were going for a nice getaway at a local spa to enjoy some fresh limbs till traffic became a problem.

Hey! I found waldo!

So, when did you unlock easy mode?

Also for some reason the zombies in the houses are bloody hilarious to me.
I can just see them all standing there staring out the window wondering what all the fuss is about.

‘eh, sonny-jim is ‘zat dere a lifer?’
’…uh, I dunno paw. Is it?’
‘alrigh’ sonny, yous go getcha dinner. [size=10pt]Ma! quit shoutin[/size]’! You’ll wake brutus up again!’

Wish yourself a teleporter, and start exploding zombies from the inside!

You can telefrag enemies? Awesome

I guess this is the very moment your signal rocket lit up the skies?
Oh wait, it’s daylight…
Well, how’s that poppy flower doing it for you then? :evilgrin:

I would love to see the effects of a shockwave generator there.

Messed a little with worldgen…

Ultimate challenge mode unlocked!

Oh my god Rob

Please do the same thing with solid houses and/or shops


It deserves to be a mod RIGHT NOW.

Urban Jungle

You have been heard!

Here’s the ideal world:

I will call it drunkardOMGFIRE!!BOOM!!ia

Set it all on fire!