I can not remove tarp raincatcher

It just drives me crazy! I accidentally put it in my house and now I can not remove. I get a message: “That funnel looks too dangerous to mess with. Best leave it alone”. How do I remove this raincatcher? Why can’t I remove it just like a funnel? I do not have a menu with a choice.

I only know that this item is from mod “More survival tools”.

I looked everywhere for information on this. This funnel just does not allow me to play the game calmly. XD

(It does not look like a bug. There must be a way to remove it.)

If suddenly someone needs it, so far it turned out to solve this “problem” by changing the code.

On the way CataclysmDDA\data\json open with any editor file traps.json and look for the string: “name”: “raincatcher” . There find the line “difficulty” and change the value to 0.
You can now take the rain catcher back to your inventory.

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Oh, cause funnels act as traps right? Difficulty is too high so it’s “too dangerous”, like trying to disarm a mine with no skill

can’t you deconstruct it with deconstruct furniture? or failing that just smash it with a suitably large blunt object if you don’t mind missing materials?

Before writing this post, I tried everything. When I tried to break the rain trap, I received a message that there was nothing to break. Deconstruction did not work either.