HUD question about the progress bar

Hello there

I’m back in Cataclsm DDA after leaving it in 0.5 and I’m really pleased to see the way it runs.
I noticed the new XP system (really nice, it was too easy to “cheat” on the old one), but I do not understand and can’t find any explanation about the blue progress bar right to the “sound”, between the season and the focus.

I thought it was related to the focus but apparently not since after playing a few hundred turns my morale didn’t move (still 0), my focus either but the blue bar widened a bit with a + in the middle. Not related to the sound either apparently, or I can’t see how.

Could you please help me ?

All the best to the dev team

Can’t reply right now, but to make it quick, i guess you are talking about the daytime when you don’t use a watch.

It’s the time bar. It tries to mimic the sun with alphabetical characters, with varying degrees of success.

Good to know thanks

A quick question in the wrong thread then, and it is the last one : in ASCII I used to consider sky blue dots as the field of vision. But it seems now to have another meaning, for instance at the very beginning I do not see any sky blue dots around the character, later I noticed all the 8 squares around the @ were in this colour, following me, and another area (the hall) of the hotel where I was full of those sky clue dots. When examining these squares there is nothing to see, it seems really to represent something but I can’t tell what.

If it speaks to you

It’s how much you can see.

I thought it was but no : it was only the 8 adjacent squares, it was noon, in a big room, nothing to block my sight, I could see some Z walking very far…

It’s because you were somewhere with no light. Were there sky-blue tiles coming in from the windows?

While we are on the topic of HUD questions… how does the focus work? Ive just never paid attention to it but ive always thought it was vaguely important…

Focus is roughly “how effectively you’re learning”. Do a lot of studying, fighting, etc and you’ll lose focus. Relax and unwind, it goes back up. Listen to music whilst fighting, it goes down more slowly.

That’s basically it, I like to think of it as the “shits to give” meter. Higher numbers mean you give more shits, meaning you’re more focused, aware, and ready to learn. Really low values mean you’re depressed, distracted, tired, giving basically no shits, even if you do something that works well you won’t notice and learn from it.

That could be it ok, thanks

But then what is the difference between “a place with no light” as you said and when I am in a cave or at night with # all around and that the player (me) can’t see anything one tile away ? Does it mean that the player can see the whole building but that the character can’t see if there is a Z coming in the place not in sky blue ? Or does it simply mean I can’t read for instance if I don’t come along the windows ? What are the impacts ?

Uhh, low lighting affects whether or not you can read, It may or may not affect your accuracy if the opponent is not lit. Other than that, there’s no issue with low light tiles at all.