How'd Your First Day Go?


Currently, Vashti Doran is doing pretty well so far. After a long and fruitless hunting trip, imagine her surprise when the shelter she usually passes was populated. Zachariah Griggs broke her the news: the world was over and it was now the after-party. After scouting the area, Vashti decided to investigate what the curious building was on the horizon. It wasn’t there the day before… Suddenly, zombies! Vashti did the one thing any avid movie watcher would have done: BANG! BANG! BANG! She smashed up the corpses and moved inside.

There were several beds in two rooms and untouched food cans in the pantry; it was clear that those poor saps were hunkering down in this weird church until they turned. Down in the basement, Vashti heard a voice further in. Turning the corner, she saw a creature that sent an electric chill of absolute terror through every trembling fiber of her body. It seemed to practically fly towards her, appendages flailing with hostile intent. It slashed her face, she shot it back. BANG! Vashti’s eye widened when it didn’t drop, but aimed again. BANG! The beast began to flee, but Vashti began sprinting after it to finish the job. BANG! And the deed was done. Vashti turned the stone pillars into a larger chamber and suddenly shuddered as a massive floating eye fixated its dread gaze upon her. BANG! BANG! And it was dead.

She checked out some of the other rooms: bookshelves, bookshelves, an armory! Another! She grabbed a strange looking mask and put it on; it seemed to hum with an almost arcane power. Where she hadn’t checked in the chamber, there was a boarded up door. She smashed it open and was treated to a gust of sudden, oppressive heat. A shining sword hung, pointed blade down to the basement below. She grabbed it and swung; surprisingly, it was lighter than she had expected, much lighter. The stairs seemed to steam from all the heat below and were almost shrouded with an almost otherworldly shadow. Too dangerous for now, Vashti thought. Time to reconvene with Griggs.

And so begins the (hopefully) long tale of Vashti…


Fungicide. That is all.

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well for my character…

first day, im already looting some buildings for supplies and ammo, most food i found were canned food and canned drinks (hate those sharp edges) and when i finish looting. im straight heading to refugee camp to get some rest.