How'd you like to help with 0.G Stable? Issue triage outsourcing poll

Hi all!

We are now in the very, very early stages of moving to the next stable version. I am experimenting in some ways to make this transition smoother than the last one, because F-stable spent way too long in feature freeze due to volunteer staffing issues on the top levels that haven’t really resolved. We’re going to need to work past those issues rather than hoping they go away, and one way we could do that is through some crowdsourcing.

One of the tough early parts of setting up stable is going through and triaging all the outstanding issues for things that should be release blockers, ie. things we need to prioritize finishing/fixing for stable. I thought we could see how it works to crowdsource it.
If you are interested, open this google form and list issues by putting the issue number of anything you think should be a blocker in. I’ll use the resulting list for to guide triage, especially for issues getting multiple votes.

If you feel I missed mentioning any of our “headliner features” of the upcoming version, let me know here in the comments.


I put the link to the form into the topic of the IRC channel with a little over 55 souls in it and announced it there, too!
I hope that helps you in getting more data.