How would you add sounds to a spell in magiclysm?

I don’t know much about coding but i thouht maybe i could learn to do this so my spells sound cool :slight_smile:
so like how would i go about adding sounds to this mod?

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two steps:
1: make a PR to add some sound descriptions and different “variants” and such (to the main repo)
2: edit the soundpack to have sounds for those variants

There are a handful of examples of #1 in the mod somewhere.

maybe this was a bad idea why did i think i could mod sound in this game i am a fool i don’t even know what PRs are or how to make them i wish there was a good guild to learn how to code this game since i am clearly not very smart.

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If only there was something like that.

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The first step of knowledge is figuring out what you don’t know! :smiley:

Very nice read however sadly lacks info on how to add sounds to a new Item/spell still good to know it is there for other things i guess. sadly i still have yet to understand how to add sounds tried a few things but nothing worked.