How useful are unchecked SD cards?

so just how worth it are sd cards? I’ve been going through all kinds of SD cards but I never find anything of real use. What is the chance that an unencrypted card has anything of actual worth? Are there any recipes on them that you can’t find elsewhere?
And what are the chances encrypted cards have anything good?
I’m starting to wonder if its worth it to go through them or just stuck with one card, since only encrypted cards are good for training hacking

I haven’t found anything very important, but there are photos, music, and recipes (but probably not unique ones).

I think decrypting them also trains computer skill (or however it is called nowadays. “devices”, maybe?)

naw devices is for picking locks and building traps
the problem with using them for training computers is that if you screw up it deletes the contents. And considering how many terminals may be secretly hiding manhacks, security robots, or shockers its actually kind of risky skill to train

No, I mean decrypting them using tablet PC.