How to select parts of vehicle tiles?

I’ve checked the wiki, but enter doesn’t seem to work.

What do you want to do? The UI can be a little confusing at times, so it would be helpful to know what game effect you’re trying to accomplish.

When I press e on a vehicle the top part of the tile is selected as [frame], for example and I want to select the parts under it.

You have no need to select nothing under it unless you are removing something.

That’s exactly what I want.

Use the arrow keys while you have a hacksaw and a wrench.

I’ve tried that, but it just changed tiles. Maybe I can’t do that on mechanics lvl 1?

Are you making sure to press rem"o"ve while on the tile that you want?

So you can only select parts after you pressed O? That’s the problem then, I was only level 1. I hoped I could remove something that requires lvl 1 only.

You can remove anything at any mechanics level. Well, as far as I know.

[quote=“Mrnocamera, post:10, topic:1303”]You can remove anything at any mechanics level. Well, as far as I know.[/quote]Nope. Need mechanics 2 to remove anything (as well as a wrench and hack saw, if memory serves).

I always play with mechanics as a starting skill, so I have the ability to remove stuff at the start.

I did too, it just degraded 1% by the time I found tools.