How to remove a laminated glass window?

Any ideas? Deconstruct furniture does not work and I don’t want to break it.

You probably can’t. Not without breaking it. Arguably deconstruct furniture should work, but as you’ve found out it doesn’t.

yeah what is his problem with breaking it? I actually came here initially to suggest any .50 rifle which in my experience is the best demolition tool.

Because maybe I want the materials intact for potential future projects?

generally you should just leave laminated or bulletproof glass where there are
they aren’t like solar panels and are pretty rigidly put in place
you’d be better off just making them yourself if you’re trying to install them as vechile windows

? There’s no vehicle part that installs from laminated glass.

I don’t know how resistant laminated glass is, and I wanted to replace it with metal walls to sleep without worry of anything crashing in.

It is in fact VERY resilient and can stop a skeletal juggernaut (but like 3 attacking one piece simultaneously can break it.)