How to plant cattail seeds?

Hi folks.

I have a problem with planting cattail seeds.
I upturned the earth as i do always when im planting seeds.
But for the cattail seeds, it says “This type of seed can not be planted in this location”.
The description says you have to plant them in shallow water, but i found no way to do this.

Im playing on the latest experimental version.

Anyone has an idea?

The shallow water planting mechanism was introduced recently.
As opposed to normal planting, you don’t have to prepare the ground, but planting is done directly in shallow water. I don’t know if you can do the planting manually or if it can only be done via the placement of a planting zone.

There was also a bug report recently where someone failed to plant the seeds for some reason, but I don’t know if that issue was resolved.

Found it, thank you!
But for now you have to use the zone manager to plant them.