How to make throwing weapon?

so im planning to make throwing weapon, but i need some info on :

  1. is it considered “Melee” or “Generic”?

  2. how to make that throwing weapon has damage?

  3. how to make it so that player has 30 of that throwing weapon but when thrown, it just throw one instead of all of it?

1.-From what i have seen on the json, the weapons that are crafted as throwing weapons are in the melee json. But i thing that more to give them the weapon caracteristics (since rocks for example are coundted in the ammo section)
2.- if i remember correctly the damage of the throwing weapon comes from the result between its weight and volume, the ones that you see on the description (for example the cut of the throwing knife) works as bonus/chance iirc (dont trust me on this last one)
3.- i thought that was already coded, since even rock or nails when you select the option to throw they get wielded by one and then thrown (or just held in case you cancel the throw)

And can you tell us when you release the weapon, i really like throwing stuff on the game, sadly there arent any good effects for throwing weapons per se.

im still working on it, so far i finished in firearms, now im working on melee weapons including throwing weapons.

will be released on github so anyone can contribute.

huh, this is funny… a lot of melee weapons in the game is defined either as “generic” tool or “tool” but categorized as weapon…

im confused, because i know there is item with type “melee” somewhere.

have you seen if those marked as tool, are used to craft/butcher?, if not then its really weird

no, they just straight melee weapons with qualities needed to craft. even battleaxe is considered tool in weapons category with qualities of axe in it.