How to make character sprite turn left or right if moved to the left or right

How to make character sprite turn left or right if it is moved to the left or right?

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I’m going to assume you mean in the creation of a tileset, as in, how to make it so that if you went left or right then the sprite you created would be facing left or right. Because as far as I know most if not all graphic packs already do this automatically, even the default retrodays.

In truth, I have no idea. But I would presume that while making the pack there’s either a single thing to set your sprite to and the game would automatically flip it or there’s two settings for your sprite in which you assign a left and right version.

Monster and character sprites are automatically rotated/flipped in the game’s code.

I’m using Mxotto+ it does not flip, can you send how to do it or can you send the code

I tested it with Mxotto+ (Patch 12), it flips.

What CDDA version are you using?

edit: Oh, also, the Code won’t help you, unless you know how to build the game from the code. The Code is also freely available on github, so you could just download it, but I feel it wouldn’t remotely help you.

Oh ok thanks Ive already fixed it, sorry for the trouble