How to get rid of ant infestations?

An ant colony has set up right next to a refugee centre which is irritating enough on its own, but even more aggravating is the fact that a acid ant nest has set up right next to a town i’m trying to loot, and is making travel extremely hazardous. Worse yet the little blighters are leaking acid all over the damn place and destroying every vehicle they can find
I’ve checked all around the ant den but I can’t find a queen. Is there any way I can stop ants from spawning?

doesnt the corepack includes a “no ants” mod?, when you select which mods to add to your world.

I don’t know what effects that might have on the save since it has already been generated and everything. I asking to get rid of them in the world if they already exist

well… just try it, or reroll a world

The only way to get rid of them is to find the queen, kill her and then kill all of the other ants.

The queen’s chamber is sometimes hard to find, but you should eventually run into it if you thoroughly search the place. Killing the queen can be complicated depending on how close to the entrance she spawns (or they in case 2 queens spawned) and how strong your character is. The Chain Lightning CBM does wonders for clearing out the queen’s chamber.

After you have purged the nest of its queen(s), you can kill all the ants you want without worrying that more will spawn in their place. Though it still takes a long time if you want to clear a large area of them.