how long after you kill the queen of an anthill does it take for ants from that nest to stop spawning? and will the queen revive like a zombie if you don’t butcher her?

Pretty sure she doesn’t respawn, but butcher her anyways for survival and food. In a topic about Triffids or Fungals, someone mentioned that there are population pools, and killing one draws from it, and allows another to spawn. Once depleted they no longer respawn. The Queen slowly regenerates this pool. By killing her you stopped that, and will eventually kill off all the ants. To do what, exactly? I kind of want to try taking over an Anthill and making it my base now.

I heard that killing the queen (or Triffid heart, or Fungal spire…) flag the population as “dying”, which remove from its spawning pool every day until it’s empty.

In awe of anyone that has killed a queen. I’ve tried several times and died every time. What is a good tactic?

[quote=“jacob4408, post:4, topic:2633”]In awe of anyone that has killed a queen. I’ve tried several times and died every time. What is a good tactic?[/quote]molotovs.

[quote=“HunterAlpha1, post:5, topic:2633”][quote=“jacob4408, post:4, topic:2633”]In awe of anyone that has killed a queen. I’ve tried several times and died every time. What is a good tactic?[/quote]molotovs.[/quote]oh, and a filter and/or gas mask, or you’re dead anyway.

Marijuana, mp3 players, a bottle of vodka and a backpack full of LAWs.

Story time! I was having serious trouble with a particular queen. She had at least 10 soldiers protecting her, and they were not happy with me stabbing her with my combat knife.

Out of desperation, I threw something flammable on the floor and lit it. I was trying to burn a few of them to death, but it turns out they don’t function well in smoke. As long as you heave breathing gear, you can just drop small bundles of thread and light them to completely render her guards ineffective. I assume they are blind and the smoke interferes with their sense of smell.

The same thing can work with zombies if you break line of sight and light a fire.

Smoke bombs ftw.
In my not-so latest build of the game i have a science lab that IS ANT FOOD CHAMBER.
The downward stairs literally fall in an ant food chamber and that’s epic , even though it’s probably not intended.
I will feed screenshots later.

Oh yea, ants are in fact blind, if you block their sense of smell, they can’t detect you at all.
I’m thinking they should have a minimal amount of vision so they at least see/fight you if you’re right on top of them, but only a tile or two.

Had a rather horrific death a few days ago due to these guys. Everything was going so well. :frowning:

  1. Looting city.

  2. As above.

  3. Hah, stupid hulk. Just follow me to this smoking line of MAGMA I found just outside of town.

  4. More looting. I’m very low on health by now, as the horde managed to get a few good hits in. AKA: Head Hp at the final bar, torso at 2 bars.

  5. Ah, a public works! yay! (One of my favorite locations to fortify.)

  6. Spotted a few giant ants and a few ant larvae. There’s no anthill in sight of the map.

  7. I’m running on fumes and very tired, but manage to craft a makeshift bed from a pool table and board up 10~20 windows.

  8. Sleep.

  9. … Ants as far as the eye can see.

I shit you not, there were half a hive of ants having a goddamn teaparty on my lawn. (read, eight ants staring at me through 3 windows.) soldier ants wandering about a little further away. It’s 4 am. I tried to make an escape in the pitch black, but they ended up surrounding me and clawing me to death.
So ended Queen McFreddie, day 2.

It happens with all monsters that spawn in groups.
Do you know how deadly a blob is? Of course you can stab it to death just by looking at it.
Now try to sleep near a slime pit and those boogers will burry you 6 feet underground.

Sleeping near any hive (ant hill , slime pit , triffid grove , fungal shite) will cause imminent death unless you have at least few molotovs.

AP ammo and something to blast the horrid b**ch.
Stewie from Family Guy would put it plain - “Blast!!”