How to Fix the Current Crashes with the updates

I have tried a aparment rooftop scenario and it keeps crashing on me.It is most likely because of the updates.Anybody know how to fix other than restore my previous verison?

Update to build 9162 when it’s out.

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I just got it Thanks! What happens in that build?

A bug that was causing crashes, corrupting saves, and a few other things got fixed.

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I just started a whole new world and it crashed on me.No offense but you may be wrong but i have a Windows X-64

That’s because you’re not playing with build 9162, it’s not out yet.

It show for me on my Cdda Launcher

It’s only out for Linux x64 curses

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The changelog is showing that, but you can’t update to that yet - the build is not out.
If you look above that there should be something that shows which build you are on.

I did it tho but it does say still in progress but i updated…sooooo