How to escape trans-coast logistics start at lab health clinic?

The lab health clinic has so many mutants that can open doors. The clinic is full of lights. How to escape?

My character is an obese security guard. After I run through the front door of the clinic, the mutants start fighting with the zombies in the lab recreation zone. But my character is heavily bleeding. The mutants hit hard.

I find a first aid box at one of the zombie security guard. I fix the heavy bleeding with bandages and antiseptics… But that is a bit late. I have anemia now.

I am hiding at the lab residential zone next to the recreation zone now. The place has some food. Since the mutants are still alive, I didn’t smash the zombie corpse.

But where can I go now??

I died. the skitterbot + xyzhacks killed me when i try to walk to the mutants and shoot them.