How to compare stuff with equipped items?

I’ve discovered the item comparison tool. Can find the way to automatically compare my boxer shorts (CLOTHING, legs) to all other items of the same type. Can’t even find a way to filter items by this type. Is that possible?

Is it possible to automatically compare items from elsewhere with equipped items if their type matches?

Can always press capital letter i and compare whatever items of any kind you have on you or near you.

Yes. This is the item comparison tool I’ve referenced above. But comparing any kind of items is too bothersome. If there a way to limit comparison only to items that replace each other?

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How would this save you more than a single keystroke?

As Erk mentions. I think this would actually end up more key pressing similar to the recipe list or something overly complicated. Not sure how less complicated this function needs to be. Pick 1 item and pick another.


There are too many keypresses with tabs and arrow keys to select second item - not every item has a shortcut. I’d just prefer mode where I can use up/down to browse through matching pairs and left/right to select what to equip.

So you want a specific menu for garments only?

That would make more buttons to press 0_o

In ToME you can see what how a new item is better than corresponding equipped item just by hovering. This is a random screenshot from the internets about how it looks like.

I understand now what you mean. But I think what we have is less painful to look at and costs a couple key clicks.

Those ToME screen make my eyes hurt. Just my opinion.