[SOLVED] Selecting "Worn Items" with Item Comparison Tool [/NOT A BUG]

cataclysmdda-0.C-3703.zip (bug is also present in stable builds)
Windows 7 64bit

Description: Unable to select worn clothing items when using item comparison tool. “I”

More details: When I use the item comparison tool (to compare an item on the ground or two items in inventory) I’m able to select any item to compare first (the selection is coloured blue). Then I press “tab” to select the second item to compare. It will let me choose any item from the left column but won’t allow me to compare certain worn clothing items. When attempting to choose second item (red highlight) the “cursor” will only highlight items at the very top of very bottom of the worn items column.

Note: I apologise if this isn’t a bug, or if this has already been reported. It just seems like a bug to me. Unless it’s meant to be a realism feature: you’re not able to compare worn clothing items unless you take them off? But it will let you compare them as long as they’re at the top or bottom of the column.

Don’t hit the tab key. To move to the list of worn items, hit the left arrow key. Then use the up and down arrows to select your item.

To move back to the list of other items, hit the left arrow key again.

Oh, wait a moment… Now I see what was going on!

It seems the “tab” key changes it to “select category mode” or something, which is totally unrelated to the item comparison tool.
You’re supposed to just select the two items normally (like multi-dropping two items). My bad, sorry guys, feel free to delete or move this thread. I think I was just over-analysing and over-complicating the whole item comparison process. I’m glad that’s cleared up now, it was a real annoyance to have to drop the items on the ground whenever I wanted to compare things.

Sidenote: What on earth is that ‘tab - select category’ thing for? It seems broken but then again I have no idea what it does.

When you hit Tab, you are enabling “select category mode.”

When you are in this mode, your up/down arrows scroll to the first item of the next/previous category.

It’s a quick way to navigate the list of items. Hit tab, then down arrow till the right category, tab again, then down arrow to the desired item.

Ah, I see now, thanks. I guess it’s a feature that becomes useful only once you are holding hundreds of items.