How to break into a Reinforced Vending Machine?

I’d save several hundred dollars every time and get plenty of extra ammo (on the off chance I find an ammo vending machine; it almost never happens).

I heard you could do it with an electrohack, but apparently that isn’t true…

Have you tried a pick axe and or jackhammer?

Well I was going to try a Welding Torch first, but that works too.

But also okay so it’s still the standard that these things usually never spawn anything. I downloaded one of the latest experimentals and well I also found that both reinforced vending machines in a gun store had goodies and my thought process was oh hey they finally fixed these but I guess the answer is they were never broken in the first place just the chance of ammo spawning in them was ludicrously low.

I’m not sure I’d be too keen to take a welding torch to what amounts to a locker stuffed with live ammunition.

I’m actually after the ones that hold Plutonium in them. Granted, I probably have enough Plutonium Cells to get me to 500,000 power, but it never hurts to have more.

They were broken for hundreds of experimentals due to having their item_groups removed without replacement.


Where are those Vending Machines that sell Plutonium Cells? I need them!

Look for ones by certain gas stations. They cost $1500.00 for a five pack.

If you have Bright Nights installed, getting Plutonium is easy. It’s getting the Power Converters that’s the hard part.

Only Bright Nights has the plutonium vending machines.

Oh, not again. That’s a pity.