How much coding experience do the coders have?

I am an Oracle DBA by trade. I know a little C (very little and not current). I don’t do tons of coding professionally. Mainly scripting. No CS degree. I am also a bit Git deficient. I have had issues with it when we use at work at work. Tend to over write other people’s stuff.

How experienced are you guys at coding? Do you do this for a living? Been working as a DBA for about 14 years. I am not sure I am proficient enough with C to be any use.

A couple of uni. level courses of C++ (100 and 201+202); 12 years experience in development more generally, mostly Objective-C.

Professional Web Developer, in a language about as unlike C++ as you can get (Ruby)

Only around 2 years experience, but I do have a degree.

Freelance dev, mostly JS stuff so far. Not much formal education, since I learn coding well through practical experience, and there were lots of other interesting things to study in university.

I’ve worked with C++ before, but not extensively. I think I’m reasonably familiar with object-oriented C-like languages, though.

Cataclysm’s my first non-VB project.

One semester of university, but a degree in math where I used matlab and maple. This is the first project I’ve ever actually coded for.