Code quality status

I am quite interested in the game and I would like to dig deeper into the code to learn stuffs. However, I have found an old post from reddit talking about the low code quality -

Since I am not an experienced programmer (especially in C++), I can’t judge the current code quality status. Can anyone tell me something about whether it has been improved in the past few years?

What are you worried about exactly?

from 5 years ago? if you’re not an experienced programmer, why are you worried about some nebulous “code quality” instead of just trying to do stuff?

I can simply follow the existing way when contributing in a good-quality project, while I have to be aware of some other better ways to implement stuff when the quality is not that good, to prevent learning from bad programming styles.

Apart from that, I am trying find an open source game/engine as the base of my personal project, so the quality really affect my choice.

We are following C++14 standards, enforcing astyle rules for C++ code and internally defined linting rules for JSON, using clang-tidy in CI and manually run other static analysis tools.

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