How long do you usually make your season lenght?

Do you increase it or.

Or do you leave it at default?

Usually 90 days, giving the game a 360 day year.

I don’t like to rush things.

I may change it to that to add more of a realism factor. Granted I’ll most likely never live past spring


either 30, or 90. depends how much time i want to invest into a charachter. i usually can be able to make it 1-2 years (then i set it to hardcore with another char) it all depends whether i survive the first 2 days

40 days.

I just use the default 14 days and often get bored with my character by midwinter of the second year

if you make it longer to start its alot easier since winter is harder. the big thing in winter is clothing. that slows you down. i usually just leave as is. 28 game days is a really long time… to get to fall. i usually change my start time to 5 AM. to give me extra daylight at first to explore.

20 days, long enough not to be annoying, but short enough that with a decent character, its something I have to plan around.