How far to Disney World? (thought experiment)

In one of the Mad Max movies, some of the survivors talked about Tomorrow Land. They had brochures and even old View Masters (an ancient toy from the 1980s that showed 3D scenes from a paper disk with plastic frames for you wippersnappers) that they held in almost religious regard.

Assuming the map gen could handle the sheer size of that kind of overland, changing terrains and climates over such a huge area, and I am sure the addition of highways and of course Disney World itself…

How much space we talking here. And how much playing game time would it take to get there?

The way I figure, one symbol on the overmap is an average suburb house in size. Not sure if any yard counts. I’ll be generous and say an average of 2000 square feet. (around 600 square meters) Which would be an average of 45 feet by 45 feet (assuming everything is square). I’ll round up to 50 so we have our unit of measure easy to deal with.

Massachusetts to Orlando reads at 1,200 miles and a little over 19 hours by car (pre cataclysm. Sure there’s nuke strikes, massive unpassable hordes, mycus towers, turret platforms, roadblocks, and all manner of crap that probably stops just going point A to point B.

Now, there are 5280 feet in a mile. This means (rounded up) that 105 (rounded) overmap tiles that you see on the big map is a mile.

So, you would need around 126,000 overmap tiles to go through.

Now, currently in my current game with my graphics settings, my map displays around 80 tiles north to south. This would mean 1575 computer screens of map!


Is my math okay or are there other things to consider?


A fortified amusement park, inhabited by survivors of the Cataclysm be-ith a wonderful idea.

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How about boat travel? Assuming your hypothetical copyright differential Disney World equivalent is near the coast, that’d be a lot easier to reach.

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True but that assumes the waters are safer.

There’s probably carriers full of zombie marines and zombie sailors.

Probably chance of several undead sea monsters that make the Kraken out of DnD look like a goldfish.

Still doesn’t get you past ALL the land travel, though.

Disney and Epcot are landlocked and surrounded by resorts, commercial city areas, and swamp.


In vehicle movement, 1 tile/turn is 4 mph, so that’s the value I normally use for long distance travel.

1,200 miles would take 300 hours of travel at 4 mph. 1 hour of travel is 3,600 second, or 3,600 tiles at 1 tile/turn. 300 hours * 3,600 tiles/hour is 1,080,000 map squares; at 24 map squares per overmap terrain tile, that’s 45,00 overmap terrain tiles. So that’s about half of what you calculated but it’s still a really long way to go.

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It’d just bum me out to travel all that way, only to have to club an undead Goofy or put a bullet into Mickey.


I…thought that was part of the charm?

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In the Mad Max movie, Tomorrow morrow land turned out to be this decaying cityscape. Something that would be at home in that Discovery Channel series, Life After People. Though, it was kind of hyped to be some kind of tourist attraction since the 70s-80s ViewMasters had a lot of tourist scene disks they produced.

Of course, Mad Max is set many years after whatever catastrophe and didn’t have Zombies, Mycus, Triffids, and Mi-Gos. Nor whatever local stuff would be in Florida like giant mutated mosquitos, zombie gators, and the drugged up walking corpses of Zombie Florida Men.

Also, while New England gets these Nor’easters and bone chilling cold, Florida rarely freezes but gets deadly hurricanes and stifling heat/humidity.

But there would be other deals there. That place is like a city with complete underground road systems.

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Never considered using vehicle speed for my calculations. But it makes a bit more sense.

Seems about right.

But yeah, that’s still a long, long way.