How does monster/horde spawns work?

I have a few questions about how monster spawns work if anyone would be so kind.

  1. If I completely clear out say a lab, a bunker or so. And make it my base, will monster still spawn inside it?

  2. How do hordes spawn? And do they collect zombies that the horde passes by?

  3. Can noise underground (lvl 2,3,4) attract a passing horde?

  4. Sometimes you see NPC’s just walking in one straight line, where are they going?

Thanks folks :grin:

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  1. If you have hordes enabled, horde zombies will spawn at the edge of the reality bubble. If the interior of your base is at the edge of the reality bubble (because you are returning to it, for instance) then zombies can spawn inside your base.
  2. Horde spawns are complicated, but yes, they can and do pick up nearby zombies.
  3. Sound propagates through z-levels if you have experimental z-levels turned on.
  4. NPCs try to go to places they think will satisfy their needs. The algorithm for choosing destinations is terrible but they’re going to loot something somewhere.
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Is there anyway to prevent unwanted guest strolling into your base interior, while your away?

Place spike pits at all entrances, you can use a plank to get across but NPCs aren’t smart enough to do that.
edit: just remember to remove the plank when you head out

Yea but if they spawn inside you base while your away, then that wouldn’t help very much :frowning:

Then they are trapped until you get back and you can reclaim anything they stole :wink:

Yea but i woudn’t want to have my base smashed by brutes or have to mob every inch of my base after taking them out, every time i return from a trip. Plus i have NPCs inside i woudn’t wanna get killed

The chances are pretty small tbh but if you want to make it a certainity the only way is to have a second floor or basement base (if you don’t have Z levels active) I’d go for a basement as you will also have a set ambient temperature (6C iirc) it makes bring loot home a bit more trouble but I would actually recommend it for a stationary base.

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Well that is fine then, i am making my base in a lap, the entrence is only for storage, the npcs, garden, gear, is all downstairs.

I was worried that zombies would spawn again in the lower levels and make their way up again

That explains why zombies spawn in the strangest places and seem never ending.