Can zombies or hostiles track you downstairs with wander spawns on?

Trying to figure out if any enemies can randomly wander into a underground basement level if wander spawns arw enabled. Otherwise, many basements are quite strong for recovering if you are wounded.

no, wander spawns generates hordes, the enemies don’t actually spawn until they enter the reality bubble, which only exists on your current floor.

This holds only if z-levels are off. If they’re on, enemies can spawn upstairs and travel downward if they catch your scent or sound.

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@Mantar speaks truth, though that z-level option Wil be always on once some performance issues and glitches are sorted out.

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Thanks all. I’ll keep those experimental z levels off for now and pretend every downstairs is like a deep underground. I can’t wait until z levels are normal though.

Could you mine/build downstairs 2 levels with zlvls on and have the same protection?

For now, yes. Anything that gets you on a different z- level prevents monsters from taking turns.