How do wyrms track their targets? or more specifically how actively do they seek out noise or smell?

I’m trying to deal with the mine scenario and one of the major roadblocks is how tough the wyrms are. I have no problem just crouching my way around them, but one of the little suckers was camping out the stairs, making it impossible to progress. I tried throwing one of my heavy work gloves at a wall to distract it, but it actually ran after me instead of the glove. Is there any way to break off their targeting system? since they have no eyes, the game doesn’t show if they’ve seen me or not.
Could I use the smartphones music to distract the thing into attacking the phone instead of me, or is it locked onto me until I kill it?

That’s not a bad idea actually. I’m not at home to try it out though. Good luck

If I’ve watched enough of the tremors movies it’s sound based. Specifically sound travelling through the earth, not just vibrations. Game-based though, I haven’t the slightest.

not gonna lie when you mentioned vibrations I thought of turning on a vibrator and using it as bait

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turns out it did not. fortunately I was able to lure it into a wreckage patch

so, are they totally sound based?

They are blind, and thus rely on smell and sound. They have the GOODHEARING flag so I guess sound is easier for them to detect then smell, although to be honest I’m not exactly sure if smell helps track the player much if they haven’t spent enough time in the area to leave a good scent cloud.

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well yes, but actually no.
it seems that noise is significantly more noticeable to them than scent (which kinda makes sense when I thjink about it considering there are many more noise sources than smell)
by the time they actually have your scent reach them, they’d have probably heard you breathing or moving by then

Sound traveling through the earth is vibrations. Sound is just oscillation of high and low pressure waves, in any medium.