How do i finish this?

Can’t find anything on the net, possibly because the answer is ridiculously easy and im not picking up.

It’s been a long while since I’ve been able to play but my guess from what I can see here is there’s no heat source around to finish frying up that spam…?

So you probably need one of those… in the form of a fire or something. And possibly something to heat said spam up in like a pan or pot. Then you… activate the in-progress item to finish crafting it… I think…

I’m useless. Someone else help this man with his spam!


Activate it near a heat source I believe, unfinished crafts need to be activated.


Check crafting requirements (except ingredients, those are already in that unfinished item), then activate the item. Also, make sure you can wield it, otherwise it won’t work.

To clarify: both arms are broken, I don’t have any more unfried SPAM, have pan, and there’s raging fire right next to me. Activating SPAM doesnt work, activating unfinished SPAM heated it up.

Try making a crafting spot or a table nearby, place it on the crafting spot/table and have all your components with you including your pan and fire. Then (e)xamine the crafting spot and choose the option to work on craft.

It’s been a long time since I had a character with two broken arms but I’m thinking it might be preventing you from wielding the spam to work on it.

Oh wow, sorry, I missed those details. This suddenly became quite a scene to run into during the apocalypse.

Middle of nowhere, guy with two broken arms in the center of the road, surrounded by raging fire and what appears to be either vomit or gasoline spills, asking anyone if they know how to activate his spam.

Love this game.


Thanks for the replies, but this thread is done, please close it. This character died in a stupid way (tried to kill soldier zombies with a frag, miserably failed and got chewed up.

Well, it might no longer of any use to THIS character, but it might for someone else. I did not know you could (a)ctivate an unfinished crafting process to continue it - i usually just dragged it over to a table and finished it there.

So, if I understand all these answers correctly, there’s no way to finish a started and halted crafting process on the ground without placing a crafting spot “on top” of it?

From what I remember, you dont need a crafting spot. Just press the “a” command and you’ll see the unfinished item being hold by you and just select it.

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