How do I disable portal storms?

I’ve done some reading and looked at the json in question but I have 0 grasp of coding.

Multiple threads on portal storms have implied it is simple to disable oneself.

So my question is: how do I disable portal storms?

Thanks in advance.

You mean so they wouldn’t occur in the game, or are you asking if there is a way in game to stop one that is in progress?

So that they do not occur at all.

Here’s the solution (

Really, though.

I know the developers want to get this tested and expanded on. Also, the portal storms DO have a place in the kitchen soup apocalypse.

But, they should allow you to turn it off in worldgen without having to muck around in JSON just like many other settings in world gen.

I am thinking a slider. From always portal storming to never portal storming. Or even going from none to always over the course of set increments from days to years. (ie: as the years grew longer, a time without reality breaking was just a distant memory…)

Someone already said before that they don’t want to maintain sliders. There’s some technical reason behind it but I don’t remember.

I think that, at least for Stable, there should be the option, or at least offer a mod for the people that want to enjoy the game and not have to deal with random pace-setters.

Anyway, there’s this:

You can just create a modfile yourself with this (or download it if it’s still available) and you won’t have to deal with Portal Storms anymore.

Thank you!

As for testing; I wouldn’t mind portal storms if they didn’t interact terribly with the NPC and settlement system. Where a new system is implemented that steps on something already in place I’m not really into it.