Help with my current world

version .5

World I started in had a small town near me. No gun store. Cleaned the town out. Virtually all zombies are dead.
Skill rust is off. I die alot and I want to learn the game more.
Archery 10
Melee 1
Dodge 3

Do weapon skills have a max value? Any value above 10?

Traits: Quick,fast learner, robust genetics (I read that this was buffed).

I have 3 M72 Law. I found some ammo and guns. But none match up. I did some searching nearby but no new towns to find guns. Got a bunch of books that I Have been reading. Have not found a sewing book.

Driving is at 1 and there are alot more cars.

MY questions:

  1. There is a triffid/vinebeast area near me. Bow is lousy for this. Doesn’t harm vinebeast and no head shots on Tiffid. Do you need guns to take them out? Is there alot of value in this?
    Is it bashing weapons?
  2. With the changes to dodge, should you wear armor when doing melee? I want to train up my bashing. I have a nailbat. What are good melee weapons? Since no guns yet, I have trouble.
  3. Found 2 military bunkers and 1 outpost. No Science Labs. Not enough fire power to hit them. I can’t take out the turrets. I think I can nail them with metal tipped crossbow bolts, but cant make them yet. I have not tried in .5, but in .4 my arrows always bounced off zombie soldiers. Has that changed? Archery seems buffed vs. zombies.
  4. I never spent alot of time on cars. There used to only be a few and I didn’t live long enough to use them. Now there are alot more. When I enter some, it says you can’t reach the controls from here. no matter where I sit. That means there are no controls right? I tried driving 1 car and it said no tires, but I looked at the car and saw tires. I don’t get it. I did bring a car back.
  5. Is the fuel gauge bugged in .5? I don’t get a ‘/’ When I examine the car, I can see how much gas it has.
  6. I want to cook inside. I can deconstruct a car to get a metal tank out right? I just need a wrench and a hacksaw? I just do ‘e’? Do I have to be next to the tank or can I do it from any side of the car?
  7. is there a good guide on cars? The one in the wiki is vague? There is more to building a good one than that. I need a car to find another town to hunt for guns. I have plenty of food, so I’ll probably polish off all my books first.
  8. can you turn off a light stick or glow stick? If i find a lab, i think these would be huge time savers. I just don’t want to run around with that much light.
  9. Is there any use for radios yet? I think you can listen to weather reports. anything other than that? The 2-ways are good for dissembling for parts. other than that no use.
  10. looks like fast food restaurants don’t have any items in them. They seem empty. anyone see that?
  11. Strange temple is end game right? This is the first time I saw one?
  12. Caves are end game too right?
  13. found a toxic waste dump. I have robust genetics so i watned to go wandering. I have some purifier to get rid of bad stuff and iodine pills for radiotion. how nasty are the blobs? Im guessing arrows won’t do much to them?
  14. any way to cure boomered faster or just have to wait it out?

Skills aren’t capped but there’s not much point in going above 10; Mechanics lets you install a second engine at 12 and piles of them around 36 or so, but that doesn’t matter unless you’re Ballfairy or out to beat xyr record.

  1. I’d leave. Vinebeasts aren’t trivial. Bashing affects whacking the target, not shooting it.
  2. I haven’t put on kevlar or plate yet, but am considering it. Problem is that you can’t repair either of them. Leather-repair is in the git but not released yet.
  3. Can you get to the turrets at night? If so, grab a load of Rocks and throw them from range 6 or 7 to take out the turrets. Works great, but you’ll need a LOT of rocks (20 isn’t overkill) until your Throwing skill gets up to spec.
    4/5/7) I’ll leave that to the car people: I just built my first bicycle the other day.
  4. I’d guess? If you have a lot of rocks and access to an openable window, consider making a fireplace.
  5. No, because you can’t IRL. Sorry about that.
  6. Against blind critters such as worms, fungaloids, etc they make excellent distractions. Activate and throw somewhere you want them to swarm.
  7. Betting that’s intentional–by rights there ought to be rotting meat in the freezer, etc. :frowning:
  8. There’s no “win” condition, but yeah, the Strange Temples are intended for high-level characters. Yours isn’t equipped…yet. Frankly, with the artifacts being seriously bugged in the release version, there’s no point to raiding Temples anyway.
  9. No, caves are anywhere from potential stash sites (dead-guy) to mid-late game melee Fun (rat caves). Save first though because they don’t declare what’s inside until you go down.
  10. Good melee can beat them without too many problems: Martial Artists could actually punch out Cthulhu if xe was in the game. Your Nail Bat may be a good option, too, but blades and spears tend to be too slow.
  11. No, there’s no ability to wipe yourself off. Even if you were wearing a Riot Helmet (plastic face-shield) and have a spare Rag. Really ought to be one, though.
  1. The controls are probably broken, or you are trying to drive a Car Chassis. As for the tires, you need at least 2 INTACT tires to drive.
    (X) means an broken tire, and (O) means an intact one.
  2. Not necessarily, if the meter is like E… F the tank is almost empty, and vice versa.
  3. Just (e)xamine the car, find the fuel tank, and rem(o)ve the fuel tank.

any use for human blood?

when i go to remove parts from a car. i can only take out a few things. the car will be complete, but i dont see a metal tank to remove?

[quote=“youtoo, post:4, topic:1447”]any use for human blood?

when i go to remove parts from a car. i can only take out a few things. the car will be complete, but i dont see a metal tank to remove?[/quote]
Not that I know of, though if you have NPC’s on I believe sometimes you can get a quest for zombie blood.

Usually gas tanks are near the back wheels, also make sure that you are trying to take from an actual gas driven car, there are a few varieties out there that run on electricity or plutonium and thus don’t have gas tanks.

Didn’t some bow mod just get added in? Why weren’t flaming arrows included?

NVM, still, why don’t we have flaming arrows?

how does dynamics and mass work on a car?

Right now? Very badly. :stuck_out_tongue:

Basically more mass = more force when crashing into something as well as more power required to move and thus more fuel used. Also more mass = slower acceleration with the same engine power.

Good news is that a fix that should mostly stop the ping-pong car crashes is currently in the testing phase. With any luck we should have it done being tested and merged into the main nightly branch (and soon after the nightly builds) within the next week or so.