Slowdowns during the day

I don’t remember this happening when I had my previous Cataclysm bout. I could turn on safe mode, hold down a direction key and cover 20-30 tiles in a second.

Now this no longer works, my outdoor walks slow to a crawl when I’m in the wide open. When it’s indoors, forest or night, the speed is fine. Map scrolling also suffers from this slowdown so I assume something’s changed about the way the game draws symbols?

I play Linux console version in LXTerminal.

This might actually be a false alarm. I just remembered that I used to have a bigger font in the terminal before I switched to Lubuntu 14.04.

I.e. my PC is now having to handle more text and can’t take it as fast and smooth. I upped the font size and it seems less troublesome now, if still slowish at times. I need to do some testing.

Still, maybe this helps someone else who has similar problems.